International collaboration of open science communities

a growing collaborative international network

OSCS invite newcomers to open science

a rich diversity of oscs sharing and reusing successful formats

Your local open science community

Newcomers learn from experienced peers

OSCS interact with institutional stakeholders on policy, infrastructure and support

A place where academia and society meet, interact and co-create

A rich diversity of OSCSs, sharing and reusing successful formats

The four stages of developing an open science community

[01.] Prepare & launch

  • Find founding members
  • Connect with us!
  • Be visible
  • Attract initial members
  • Connect to other initiatives
  • Launch!

[03.] Foster & maintain

  • Foster diversity and inclusivity
  • Interact with institutional stakeholders
  • Interact with society

[02.] Grow & inspire

  • Attract members
  • Inspire open science practices

[04.] Dream & scheme

  • The future is open!