INOSC is an international network of local Open Science & Open Scholarship communities (OSC). OSCs are hubs where academics learn from their peers how to make their workflows more open. Over 1000 academics have joined OSCs, ready to put Open Science to practice!

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Vision and Mission

The norms and practices in academia are shifting towards Open Science (OS). This shift is an ongoing process and involves universities, research funders, public administration and publishers, all across the globe. There is no doubt that OS is the way forward. However, stakeholders have different perspectives on how to implement OS. Hence, the practical implementation of the path towards a more open academic world is still unclear.

We believe that the research community itself is best suited to lead change – those who put OS to practice. That is why local bottom-up Open Science Communities are crucial in this transition. OSCs engage and enable academics to make their workflows more open, and allow them to articulate the opportunities and obstacles they experience, to policy makers and providers of research infrastructure and services (for more info, check out the article on the right).

Our mission is to make INOSC:

  • BIGGER: increase the number of OSCs around the globe, by providing on-boarding and mentoring

  • BETTER: Make local OSCs more successful, by stimulating knowledge exchange amongst local OSCs and facilitating collaboration

  • STRONGER: Shaping the international Open Science landscape, by providing input to international research policy, infrastructure and services, on behalf of our community members

Board Members

Loek Brinkman
the Netherlands

Hardy Schwamm

Anita Eerland
the Netherlands

Markus Konkol
the Netherlands

Start your own Open Science Community

Do you want to start your own local Open Science Community and join our network? You can either follow the steps described in our OSC Starter Kit or join our online OSC Incubator Program.

OSC Stater Kit (for free!)
In our Starter Kit, we describe 4 stages to set-up and foster your very own OSC:

1. Prepare and Launch
2. Grow and Inspire
3. Foster and Maintain
4. Dream and Scheme

You can find the OSC Starter Kit at

OSC Incubator Program (for free!)
In this online incubator program, we will guide and assist up to 10 colleagues from around the globe in setting-up their local Open Science Community. The incubator program is based on the OSC Starter Kit and consists of six modules:

1. Mission and Vision
2. Community Engagement
3. Communication Strategy
4. Stakeholder Engagement
5. Governance and Sustainability
6. Open!

We are able to offer the OSC Incubator Program, twice per year (spring and fall) and free of charge, thanks to support from the EU funded projects AURORA RI and Skills4EOSC. The estimated workload, including meetings, assignments and reading materials, is about 96 hours in total. Please find below the dates of the upcoming Incubator Program.

Next run: Spring Edition 2022 –> SIGN-UP HERE <–
Registration is open until January 1st 2023. All meetings are online (time T.B.A).

March 1st – Getting to know the program, and each other!
March 8th – Module 1: Online meet-up
March 15th – Module 1: Consultation
March 22nd – Module 2: Online meet-up
March 29th – Module 2: Consultation
April 12th – Module 3: Online meet-up
April 19th – Module 3: Consultation
April 26th – Module 4: Online meet-up
May 3rd – Module 4: Consultation
May 17th – Module 5: Online meet-up
May 24th – Module 5: Consultation
May 31st – Module 6: Online meet-up
June 7th – Module 6: Consultation
June 21st – Final presentations